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Core Values of Living Lighter Today


We rest in the complete and finished work of Jesus Christ.
We celebrate joyously in God's promises. His goodness is the secret of
   our strength.
Our personal hope is the confident expectation of seeing God's
   goodness in our lives.
Testimonies declare the goodness and greatness of our God.
Thankfulness and gratefulness are gateways for us to experience the
   promises of God.
God's grace is available to us in all areas of our lives. It is the
   empowerment for us to live in victory.


We are first worshippers who minister to the Lord.
We were created to live from God's presence.
Obedience comes out of our heart to heart relationship with our loving
Heavenly Father.
Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is valued and cultivated.
Prayer and worship times (private and corporate) are foundational to our


Sin has lost it's power. We are dead to sin and alive to God.
We have significance because of God's unshakeable love for us.
We are chosen sons and daughters and as such the doorway of heaven is permanently open to us.
We work, not for God's favor, but from God's favor.
We create a culture where failure is a learning experience, not an identity.
God has created us to live life in abundance and to reign with Him in life.
   The promises and blessings of God are for us now.
We are called to live with Kings' hearts and servants' hands. Royalty is our
   identity, servanthood is our assignment and intimacy with God is our life
The words Christ speaks over us are ones of destiny, empowerment and
We stand in the freedom which Christ won for us.


We are called to release God's kingdom in it's fullness.
We owe the world an encounter with God.
God's authority has been delegated to us to enforce Christ's victory over
sickness and demons.
We declare the kingdom through a life of glistening hope, generosity,
hope and joy.
We speak words of life, calling out destiny in ourselves and others.
We seek out opportunities for light to shine in the darkness, being
empowered by God's love, sensitivity and wisdom.
Salvation is the fruit of heaven being released on earth.


 We will cultivate honor, bringing strength to one another.
 All we say and do will have love as its foundation. We will keep our love on, no matter what, because     we value our relationships.
 We will help people realize their God-given potential. We choose to recognize the 'gold' in others.
 A culture of honor produces an environment that creates increasing levels of joy, freedom and peace.
 We cultivate high levels of respect in all relationships and therefore speak and act with respect, even     in disagreement.

• We create a safe place, where people feel empowered and free from fear of punishment.